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Make your existing Android app Wear-enabled

By: Mateusz Herych  

Android Wear was one of the main topics during I/O 2014 keynote. And it deserves it - without a doubt it's a game-changer on the smartwatches's market.

But is your app ready for it? Do you know what possibilities the new platforms gives you? Go to my talk and I'll show you how to make your existing Android application really Wear-enabled.

About speaker:

Mateusz is a Google Developer Expert for Android, but also a GDG organizer. Lives in Kraków where he works as Android developer at Base.

Tizen sensors ecosystem

By: Karol Wrona

The goal of the presentation is to show sensor usage and workflow from scratch in Tizen system in example of Galaxy Gear smartwatch. The watch has many sensors like accelerometer, gyroscope, pulse meter etc. and can be used as personal monitoring device.

I want to present all stages of data collection from hardware devices, through Linux drivers, Tizen Sensor Framework up to application client.

The main intention is to show users that sensors' applications in technologies which are present in mobile devices are quite accessible, easy to start in open source solutions.

About speaker:

I'm linux kernel developer in Samsung Electronics Poland involved in Tizen project.

SmartphoneVR - The new face of Virtual Reality

By: Arkadiusz Kwaśny   

Durovis Dive, Google Cartboard and other projects are rapidly changing the VR helmets market. Thanks to the 5 inch hi-density displays and powerful hardware it is now possible to experience a high quality VR simulations without wires. What are the possibilities?
How can you transform your idea into a VR simulation?

I'm also considering doing some live coding using Unity 3D to create a stuning VR simulation in no time ;)

About speaker:

The organizer of game programming hackathons, tech consultant and an entrepreneur. In web developmen since 1999 and since 2006 the CEO of Selleo a web & mobile development house. I'm passionate about startup's, creating computer games and most recently Oculus Rift based VR "serious games".

Practical Material Design

By: Jakub Królewski

Android is changing. On last Google IO new design guidelines were published, called “Material Design”. If you want to know what it is and how it will influence life of Android developers, this talk is for you. The presentation covers introduction to all new APIs and components used to implement future Android applications UI. Be prepared to see a lot of code.

About speaker:

Jakub Królewski is an Android software engineer at Allegro Group. He’s been creating Android application since he bought his first Android device, Google G1, nearly 5 years ago. Jakub has graduated from Warsaw University of Technology and Coventry University.

Tizen: HTML5 for wearables

By: Piotr Marcinkiewicz

The presentation describes open source Tizen 2.3 for wearable. The first section outlines the architecture of technical solutions used to adapt mobile Tizen platform for wearable device. It contains brief depiction of relations between Linux kernel, Enlightenment Foundation Libraries and Webkit inside application runtime environment, WebRuntime used in Tizen. A second section focuses at wearable version of WebRuntime and plugins accessible in runtime environment. The presentation points out major web technologies useful for application development. It describes Tizen SDK for wearable and software engineering process for applications: development, testing and deployment of applications into store.

About speaker:

Piotr Marcinkiewicz is a software developer specialized in mobile platform development in C/C++/JavaScript. He has 8 year experience in software development. Currently he works at Samsung R&D Institute Poland. He is interested in architecture of web engines and web applications at Tizen mobile and wearable profiles.

Tizen Updates

By: Kamil Grondys

1.A new SDK introduction
2.Core API introduction
3.SDK for wearable
4.SDK for Tizen TV

The Tizen SDK is a comprehensive set of tools for developing Tizen Web applications. It consists of Web IDE, Emulator, toolchain, sample code, and documentation. Tizen Web API Overview and Native API Overview will be presented.

Tizen Web applications may be developed without relying on an official Tizen IDE, as long as the application complies with Tizen packaging rules.

About speaker:

Kamil is a tech. evangelist and part leader at Samsung Developer Relations group. Experienced in web/mobile applications development.

What's new in Windows Phone 8.1?

By: Karol Żak
About speaker:

Microsoft Technical Evangelist
Former participant of the Microsoft Student Partners, founder and ex-leader of Technical University of Radom .NET Group. Technology enthusiast for years associated with Microsoft and the IT community in Poland. He specializes in mobile technologies, latest tools and programming environments. One of his hobbies and childhood dreams realization is game development . For 2 years as a certified trainer with the MCT title, he led IT trainings for developers and then in 2014 joined the team of technical evangelists at Microsoft. Privately, big American Football fan and starting quarterback for one of Warsaw's teams.

Get some smart sweetness to your dumb device

By: Andrej Manduch

In this talk I will discuss a few methods of connecting smart and dumb devices like for instance Arduino and an Android phone. I will also present my vision of making dumb devices smarter and smart devices usable in robotics, DIY home automatization and any other tasks where Arduino is No. 1 choice.

I would like to show you what the interface and development kit for ... interfacing Arduino from Android should look like while still having an easy to use SDK so anyone who already knows Arduino (and Android) will have no problem with using this too.

About speaker:

Andrej is embedded systems architect, an avid kernel mailinglists reader and anything matching smart\w+ hater. In his free time he helps young kids in their robotics adventures.

Who would care about a Pebble?

By: Marek Šuppa   

It seems like every major player in the mobile devices market is coming out with its own wearable device or devices. And it is a good thing -- especially for the end user.

This talk will be about the situation of the small Pebble between huge rocks, how it compares to the big players and what it has got to offer to both users and developers. We will put together a small application to give you an idea of what the product and ecosystem look like from the developer's point of view.

If time permits, the author will also discuss its interest in this platform and how that fits into his long-time goal of omnipresent robotics.

About speaker:

For the past few years I've been playing with all sorts of smart devices, some of which have names they do not really deserve (such as robots or *smart* watches). Currently, I am leading a robotic football team, building tools and resources to help others start with robots and doing lots of software development in all sorts of areas.

Arduino + Linux = ...

By: Štěpán Bechynský

Everyone knows that Arduino has some limitations thanks to architecture of microcontroller but Arduino is great hardware not just for hobbyists. How to improve Arduino but keep it simple? What about to combine Arduino and Linux on one board. I will show you two boards using Arduino and Linux together - Arduino Yún and Arduino Tre. Arduino part is typically responsible for collecting sensor data or control some actuators and Linux part is responsible for calculations and communication. You will see some practical examples of Internet of Things concept.

About speaker:

I like to build gadgets running .NET Micro Framework, 3D printing with my Prusa Mendel i3 printer, cooking and speaking on conferences around Europe.

Accessibility Tips and Tricks on Android UI

By: Tomasz Gdala
About speaker:

Tomasz has spent over 10 years working with human computer interaction. Senior Engineer at Samsung for over 2 years. He is interested and motivated by everyday’s life in exploration of the accessibility design as well as related technological solutions.

Developing Cordova apps using Firefox development tools

By: Piotr Zalewa

Firefox OS recently became a qualified citizen of the Cordova world. Developing multiplatform applications is now easier as full stack of Firefox's web developer tools is available for mobile apps.

About speaker:

Piotr Zalewa, Senior Web Developer at Mozilla, involved in projects around web apps universum. Piotr is also the Founder of JSFiddle. He's a dedicated family man, in the free time he's hunting for vinyl records.

Why robotics is not ready for smart devices

By: Marek Šuppa   

In continuation from the last year's talk on smart devices in robotics we will try point out a few problems in development cycles when both smart and dumb devices are used, and show why dumb devices like Arduino are still needed, even if you can purchase a smart device which can do everything Arduino can and much more for the same price.

About speaker:

For the past few years I've been playing with all sorts of smart devices, some of which have names they do not really deserve (such as robots or *smart* watches). Currently, I am leading a robotic football team, building tools and resources to help others start with robots and doing lots of software development in all sorts of areas.